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  I hope you will find this site useful while on your spiritual journey to gain enlightenment and your bliss station. Topics I can help people with is Astrology (Chinese, Vedic Astrologies) and Metaphysics. Often judged useless, people often look away while events are towering over them and threatening their well being and comfort. So, it is useful to have a lateral thinking place to see ourselves out of a corner in which we suffer.

  In here you will find a different way of thinking and thereby a different reality. It will not be like hallucination, but it will be like putting building blocks of understanding together in a different way. In the past people who thought the way I will try to communicate were called “old men, old women, the wise ones.” These life trained oldies have had experience to share. Some were good others were useless. So it is really up to the reader how well they are able to utilise the information.

  For those who are truly interested in unconventional thinking, there may be some real gems discovered among my lines in the future, so you are welcome to look around and consider.


Sun & Moon
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